Bossy - Dairy Herd Management

Bossy is a Dairy Herd Management program optimized for larger (10in) Android tablets with a hardware keyboard.  Ideally, leave the keyboard in the milkhouse, and carry the tablet in the barn.


It tracks activities on a dairy farm, and provides reminders for general operations, calf finishing, lactation cycles, breeding, milk component data, etc.  It is not a replacement for large mainframe systems, but it is a practical management tool for knowing what needs to be done, and when.  Because it is so visual, it is easy to show workers what they need to do, and when to do it, based on the remiinders for the current date. 


An ideal solution is placing tablet in your milkhouse, plugged into a flat panel TV on the wall so everybody can see it.  When you need to take the tablet out to take pictures, you simply unplug and go. 


Bossy is free to all to download and use. The best payment I could get is for you to contact me to let me know how to improve it.